We provide a trusted and professional services to cater for the following:

1. Marriage Celebrant / Nikah 

We conduct Nikah ceremonies at our Masjid.

2. Aqeeqa/Walima Service

We conduct Aqeeqa / Walimah ceremonies at Masjid Ayesha.

3. Hajj / Umrah Seminar 

We offer free Hajj training programmes for Muslim community at the beginning of Dhul Qa’dah

4. Counseling 

Need advice for any Islamic issues, Marriage / Youth Counseling etc.

5. Funeral

Muslim funeral Service to help you organize an Islamic funeral, please contact WTG on 0224526624

6. J.P Service

lease contact Masjid Ayesha Office at 09-264 0660 

7. Hiring Cooking accessories / Chairs

Please contact our office on 09-2640660

Please feel free to contact our Imam Mohammed Tasleem at 0211589395 or  for further details.